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    System composition
    Antenna feed sub system锛歅rime focus parabolic antenna with carbon fiber reflector, corrugated horn, Rx-Tx duplexer and filter ,AZ,EL,POL motor ,servo driver, inertial navigation system, GPS/BD锛坥ptional锛?beacon receiver, AZ,EL .POL angle sensor, main control board etc.
    System features
    Light weight, high gain and low side lobe, fast initial pointing, auto tracking of polarization and high automation.
    Product display
    Technical data
    Name 1.2mKU marine parabolic COTM Feed form Prime focus
    Type SOMA-300-AEquivalent aperture 1.2mPOL Linear
    Frequency Rx锛?/span>12.25锝?/span>12.75 GHzGain Rx锛?/span>鈮?1.3+20lg锛?/span>f/12.50锛?/span>dBi
    Tx锛?/span>14.00锝?/span>14.50 GHzTx锛?/span>鈮?2.5+20lg锛?/span>f/14.25锛?/span>dBi
    Port isolation Rx-Tx 锛?/span>鈮?85 dBVSWRRx锛?/span>鈮?.5
    Across polarization isolation 鈮?5dB锛?/span>axial 锛?/span>1st side lobe EL 锛?/span>鈮?-12 dB
    Interface form Rx锛?/span>N-50K锛?/span> Tx锛?/span>WR75
    Dynamic switching satellite time 鈮?8 sPower capacity 100 W
    Steady type 3 axis Radome insertion loss 鈮?0.5dB
    Motion range AZ360掳 continuous Revolution AZ鈮?60 掳/sAngular accelerationAZ 鈮?200 掳/s2
    EL-15掳锝?/span>125掳EL鈮?60 掳/sEL 鈮?60 掳/s2
    Roll卤30掳Roll鈮?60 掳/sRoll鈮?60 掳/s2
    POL卤 90掳POL鈮?40 掳/s
    Auto acquisition time Initial acquisition time 鈮?3minTracking accuracy 鈮?0.5dB锛?/span>R.M.S锛?/span>
    Blockage recovery time 锛?/span>Blockage 20min锛?/span>鈮?5 sPointing method Beacon
    Controller type 19inch 1U case Positioning mode GPS+BD
    Operating temperature -40掳C锝?/span>+60掳COperating wind velocity 21 m/s
    Storage temperature -50掳C锝?/span>+70 掳CSurvival wind velocity 35 m/s
    Humidity requirement 95%锛?/span>20 掳C锛?/span>Protection grade IP65
    Power 220V/AC锛?/span>50HzSystem power consumption 400 W锛?/span>exclusing BUC锛?/span>
    Selection of BUC Recommend to use MITEC series Selection of LNB Norsat HS1057B
    System weight 鈮?150Kg锛?/span>excluding BUC, LNB, packaging and accessories etc锛?/span>
    Please click this e-mail if you have any questions:sales@tianyiantenna.com Buy Mid Profile COTM