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    Product Introduction
    Here are additional advantages for ZigBee wireless control used in our LED high bay:
    1) Free of extra wires besides AC cable
    2) Dimmable function
    3) Time control function
    4) Single light or group light control
    5) Compatible with daylight sensors, suitable for applications with skylights
    Product Parameter (Specification)
    Smart controlZigbee system
    Product Feature And Application
    1) Low power consumption for ZigBee
    2) High level of security/protection
    3) Strong networking capability
    Product Details
    Product Qualification
    How does the ZigBee wireless control system work ?
    Accrately control each fixture, or a group of fixtures, wirelessly with your mobile phone or tablet via the GlobalLink app.
    Each option below comes pre-installed in the fixture or ready to surface mount with clear instructions. Internet connection is only required for GlobalLink app download. Sensors operate within approximately one-half mile. LED High Bay Light