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    Product description
    The pneumatic press has a simple structure, uses compressed air as a power source, and is specially used for metal stamping or hardware fixing, which is more energy-efficient and reduces energy consumption. Through the deep drawing process to connect different materials, the surface will not be damaged due to simple replacement and molding, thereby ensuring that the production efficiency is effectively improved and the connection strength is automatically monitored during the entire process to complete the work efficiently.
    Product details
    1. It is powered by compressed air and is easy to operate.
    2. The pressing force of the machine can be easily adjusted only by adjusting the air source pressure.
    3. Safe and human-oriented design, comfortable and durable operation.
    4. Rugged structure, easy to operate, convenient to upload and download data, ensure efficient work.
    1. Compared with hydraulic press, it has faster driving speed and more stable pressure transmission.
    2. The equipment is simple, easy to adjust and easy to maintain.
    3. High output, low operating noise.
    4. It is cheaper than hydraulic machines and saves more energy.
    Application range
    Stamping, bending, cutting, punching, embossing, riveting, plastic sheet metal, tight assembly, extrusion molding, profile welding, material testing and etc.
    Technical parameter
    Cylinder diameter
    Cylinder stroke
    Working height
    Worktable area(mm)350*300350*300450*250450*250450*250450*250450*250450*250
    Shank hole脴16脴20脴16脴20脴16脴20脴20脴20
    Control methodElectronic control, pneumatic control,hand control, foot control
    Product Pictures
    Q: Which method can we use to pay for goods?
    A: We support L/C,T/T, D/P, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram.
    Q: Do you provide after-sales service?
    A: Yes. The warranty period of our machine is one year, and we have an after-sales team that can solve your problems quickly.
    Our services
    1. Quality & Service :We focus on product quality in order to provide customers with good service.
    2. Price :In order to better serve our customers, we are always looking for ways to reduce prices.
    Special Service :In this highly competitive world, we always provide customers with promotional offers so that our customers can save a lot of money.Pneumatic Punching Machine price