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    Station Process:
    The rotary premade bag packing machine working process like:
    1.Bag Feeding
    2.Date Coding
    3.Bag Opening
    5.Stand by
    6.Heat Sealing
    7.Forming & Output
    Main Technical Parameter:
    Rotary premade bag packing machine
    Equipment ModelPGS8-200PGS8-300
    Bag SizeW: 65~150mm L: 70~210mm(date coding requires鈮?140mm length)W:160~300mm L: 100~400mm(date coding requires鈮?140mm length)
    Filling Range5~1500g5~2500g
    Packing Speed20~55Bags/min(depended on the product and filling weight)10~40Bags/min(depended on the product and filling weight)
    Package AccuracyError鈮ぢ?%
    Dimension1635mm*1455mm*1480mm (L,W,H)1645mm*1645mm*1640mm (L,W,H)
    Total Power2.3kw4kw
    Driving Power Source380V Three-phase Five-line 50HZ
    Control Power SourceDC24V
    Compressed Air Requirement鈮?.45m3/min(Compress air is provided by user)鈮?.35m3/min(Compress air is provided by user)China Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine