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    Key information
    The total warehouse area is 30,000 sqm located in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Ningbo. Subsidiary distribution centers cover 200 cities in China.
    -360 degree CCTV camera
    -Electric cargo lifts, telescopic handlers and cranes
    Cardboard boxes and wooden crates
    -Protective transparent film
    -Plywood and plastic pallets
    -Three-dimensional shelving
    -Fire-fighting installations
    -All goods arriving at the warehouse are covered by insurance
    Integrated warehouse services
    No matter where your business is located, or how complex your tasks are, we can offer a full range of warehousing services to help you gain a competitive edge.
    Use our warehousing network to cut costs and shorten delivery times
    Our global network and consistent processes allow customers to rely less on their infrastructure and fixed assets, and we share with customers the goal of reducing processing and storage costs, increasing equipment throughput and shortening lead times. Bypassing a fixed distribution location can open up significant value to the entire enterprise. With integrated visibility and value-added services, you can reduce costs and increase supply chain flexibility and agility. You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best services at a competitive price.
    Professional approach
    Experienced warehouse professionals know that each customer has individual needs, our warehouse and distribution solutions come from understanding your business, understanding your goals, locating distribution centers, customizing workflows, equipment and system configurations, all guaranteeing you a significant competitive advantage.
    Leading Technologies (WMS)
    We use the world’s leading WMS to ensure your shipments are delivered where you need them and to optimize your inventory. WMS-system (Warehouse Management System) is software designed to automate the management of warehouse processes and the operation of the warehouse complex as a whole. Wells makes these complex processes simple and easy.
    Our comprehensive warehouse services and additional services include
    Item placement
    Retailer Compliance, Configuration and Management
    Supplier compliance
    Collection of goods
    Packaging, repackaging of goods, control of packaging of goods
    Product classification
    Reverse logistics and return management
    Warehouse stock management
    System configurationWarehousing provider