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    Our History
    The company upholds the essence of German industrial civilization and advocates a free, natural and healthy lifestyle. It is an advocate and disseminator of the pure German lifestyle concept and a provider of pure German customized bathroom lifestyle. After time accumulation and precipitation, the business has extended from domestic e-commerce projects to international & domestic advanced development, winning high praise from domestic and foreign customers. With rigorous production technology, strict quality control and the injection of innovative thinking, the company’s scale and customer base continue to grow.
    Our Factory
    The factory has mature production tunnel kiln equipment and stable production quality. Strict quality inspection, water testing, gas testing and other procedures are used to control product quality at all levels to ensure product quality. The R&D innovation team injects vitality into new designs and new thinking.
    Our Product
    Mainly engaged in ceramic products, such as smart toilets, wall-mounted toilets, hanging basins, etc.; bathroom cabinet customization, etc.
    Product Application
    Bathroom, engineering, hotel, retail, hospital public facilities, home improvement
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Tunnel kiln, water measuring equipment, gas measuring equipment, beater, pouring equipment, drying room, glazing equipment
    Production Market
    Our company’s market involves domestic and foreign, domestic mainly involves e-commerce, overall bathroom design, engineering and other projects. At the international level, the products are exported to all continents, the main market is in Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Poland and so on.
    Our Service
    Professional business one-to-one service, professional knowledge & friendly attitude; can make recommendations based on customer needs. Good after-sales service and guaranteesuspended toilet Made in China