• When selecting a hose material for a particular application, it is important to consider its performance in the short-

    term and long-term. For example, the ideal material should accommodate the environmental and operating conditions (e.g. heat,

    extreme cold, etc.) now and in the future. Below we outline how PVC, TPR, and PU measure up in these…[Læs mere]

  • Plastic furniture is valued for being inexpensive, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to breaking easily when dropped.

    When choosing plastic bathroom

    shelf for a bathroom, a plastic fixture is ideal because it is easy to clean by wiping down, but still strong enough to

    store towels, toiletries, and knick-knacks.

  • Stainless steel sheet is produced by rolling the material through a mill, creating a thinner and longer outcome.

    Thickness is gradually reduced through this process and the stainless steel product is wound into a coil at the end of the

    production line or cut into plates. Stainless steel

    coil can then be cold rolled in cold rolling mills. The…[Læs mere]

  • An oil warning light should also be taken very

    seriously. It means your oil level in the engine is low or that the oil pump is not circulating oil properly and at the

    correct pressures. In either case, engine damage is likely to occur and the vehicle should be inspected to determine the

    cause of the problem. You may have a minor oil leak, a…[Læs mere]

  • Most dogs and cats in the U.S. eat food and treats manufactured specifically for their particular species. Holistic

    veterinarians focus on the quality of nutrients entering pets’ bodies and strive to get them on whole-food-based diets with

    the same grade of nutrients consumed by humans. By providing their pets with commercially available dry a…[Læs mere]

  • Laser cleaning machine is

    finding great applications in the industry today. It is often seen that rust, grease, and other such substrates form a layer

    with time over metals and non-metallic products. And with increasing time the laser rust cleaning and metallic parts

    cleaning technologies have evolved.

  • Outdoor LCD displays need also to cope with sunlight. Because of the sun’s brightness and its ability to make a standard

    screen unreadable, an outdoor LCD

    display is often several times brighter than an indoor LCD. LCD brightness is measured in nits (a unit of luminance) and

    most indoor screens have nit value of around 400; outdoor d…[Læs mere]

  • AHFs are offered in a range of voltages, most common is 200V up to 690V. Some manufacturers can produce AHFs for higher voltages, up to 1000V, without step-up transformer, reducing

    costs and footprint. It is possible to connect AHFs to high voltage (over 1kV) systems using a suitable step-up transformer.

    Step-up (or step-down) transformers can…[Læs mere]

  • Some manufacturers are so serious about providing exactly

    what the customer needs they offer hundreds of choices to the market, each tailored to meet specific challenges and

    requirements. If an appropriate media does not exist for an application, new media development may be undertaken.

  • A ceramic

    resonator is an electric component that exhibits a series resonant and a parallel resonant center frequency. It exhibits

    a piezoelectric characteristic that makes the ceramic material generate minute electrical energy when subjected to

    electromechanical expansion and compression. The resulting mechanical energy component produces…[Læs mere]

  • I needed a simple mist maker/humidifier for a

    project that I was working on. I found lots of ideas on the internet, but they all lacked in one area or another, so I

    decided to design one. The following lays out my easy-to-build ultrasonic mist maker. It works fine and is, by far, the

    easiest ultrasonic mist maker/humidifier that I’ve ever h…[Læs mere]

  • Unfortunately, his invention is not really a new hoverboard. Bob Gale, who wrote the “Back to the Future” trilogy, said that, in his imagination

    anyway, the hoverboard floats on a magnetic field similar to magnetic levitation trains.Continue reading the main story