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    Our History
    Providing Water Solutions to Households since 1979
    Chanson Water has been developing total water solutions to families and households since 1979. From design, manufacturing, to assembly, each Chanson ionizer, dispenser, and filter goes through extensive QC process to make sure our users gain the best user experience when using Chanson products.
    Over 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience
    Our R&D team continuously bringing innovation and new products to current markets. We lead the trend to make sure our customers benefit from the latest water technologies, to keep providing the best results from drinking Chanson water.
    With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we are confident to say that our products will be one of the leading brands globally in the water industry in the years to come. Changing lives through the products we make, our goal is to bring a healthy lifestyle to all through the water we drink.
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    Our Product
    Water ionizer, Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
    Product Application
    All households and business environments
    Our Certificate
    NSF, CEpolypropylene water filter equipment