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    Non-toxic, lightweight, non-deformable, non-remaining odor, strong and durable, US FDA certified safe material, European and American baby products designated healthy material.
    Manual vacuum: twitch up and down, light and easy to use.
    Vacuum seal: special seal for docking of European space station, no air leakage
    Unique time scale dial: record the month and date
    Sealing buckle: It can be buckled when not vacuumed, and used when the container is closed
    T-shaped sealing ring: effectively seal the container and never leak
    Concave-convex fresh-keeping cover design: up and down, easy to stack multiple fresh-keeping boxes for stable placement
    The 3300ML square vacuum crisper is not only convenient and practical, but also can store food in different categories. Various fresh food preservation boxes are used together to make the refrigerator more tidy and keep the food in the best state of preservation for a long time.
    The square vacuum fresh-keeping box is suitable for the refrigerator door and can be used to store various ingredients and leftovers. Prevent water from dispersing, play a sealing role, and lock the original nutrients and moisture.
    1. Prevent the dispersion of water and play a sealing role.
    2. Prevent food from losing its original flavor during storage.
    3. Isolate the air to prevent food oxidation (infection).
    Raw material:
    As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people are concerned about whether the materials used in the fresh-keeping box itself are healthy, hygienic and safe materials that are harmless to the human body, such as PC materials, PE materials and PP materials. The more common fresh-keeping boxes The material is PP. The most environmentally friendly is the heat-resistant glass crisper.Vacuum Preservation Box suppliers