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    TITAN SUHE is a group manufacturing company specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of elevator lift, lifting products and accessories.
    Our main products are elevator lift, steel wire rope for professional elevator purpose and general application purpose. Chains and chain sling components, including G80/G100 chains, G80/G100 hooks, ordinary link chain. Rigging hardware to make wire rope sling or chain sling such as shackles, turnbuckles, clips, sockets, etc. Polyester sling and ratchet tie down. We also provide various lifting tools such as clamps, manual and electric hoist, pallet truck, hydraulic items for lifting purpose.
    Up to 2019, we have invested five factories to provide super quality products of steel wire rope, chain, G80 components, rigging hardware and textile sling. We also co-invested an elevator factory in Chongqing manufacturing high quality elevator and elevator parts which are widely applied in our domestic market and some Asia, middle east and Africa area.
    Our lifting products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions throughout the world in Europe, America, Mid-east area, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa etc. We have won a good reputation among our customers by providing high quality, safe and reliable products as well as fast and efficient service.
    All our products are produced under strict quality control system ISO9001-2008. Most of our products meet EN standard, ANSI standard and Australian standard. We 100% check and proof test the items that specified in related standard. Certificates and test reports are available with each shipment.
    Except the super quality products, we also provide complete solutions that customers may need during lifting, transportation and material handling. Our team have rich experience in international service and have a wealth of knowledge, experience in the field of lifting, transportation and material handling. We can provide excellent advice and support to insure you get the right products at the lowest cost.
    Products applications:
    Textile slings are widely used in shipping, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, port, electric power, electronics, transportation, military and other fields.
    Steel wire ropes are mostly used in applications such as crane, tower crane, surface and underground mining, excavation, logging of any type of terrain, tramway, elevator, oil and gas, drilling, marine and electrical constructions.
    Chain and chain slings applications are for lifting, lashing, material handling purpose in the industry of factories, mines, oil field, marine, electricity, agriculture and construction sites.
    Rigging hardware are used in a wide range of industries and applications to facilitate the movement of cargo and materials. They can be used to make wire rope sling, chain sling, textile sling and used in conjunction with cranes or other lifting equipment to move loads.
    Elevator as an important transportation equipment of passengers and cargos, are widely used in residence, office building, hotel, shopping center, airport, railway station, shipyard, factory, Footbridge, villa and so on. Elevator ropes and elevator belts are the most important parts of various elevators which serve as a traction media of passenger elevator and freight elevators.US type master link assembly Free Sample