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    1. product Introduction
    large can capacitor 560uf,Endurance 3000 hours at 105℃. Adoption of innovative high stability electrolyt, High ripple current and long endurance, It can be used for vibration-resistant construction products. All-welded constructions ensure reliable elecrical contact.
    RoHS Compliant
    2. product Parameter
    Type: lug/snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Sleeve Color: black
    Capacitance: 560uF
    Rated voltage: 200V
    Surge voltage: 250V
    Capacitance Tolerance: ±20%
    Size(D*L/mm): 22*45 and 25*35mm
    Lead pitch: 10.0mm
    Temperature range: -40 to 105°C
    frequency: 120HZ
    Ripple Current: 1.58 and 1.65mArms
    Leakage current: 1120mA
    Max ESR: 355
    Typ ESR: 249
    Life(105°C): 3000hours
    tanδ: 0.15
    Structure: Fixed capacitors
    Weight(g): 21.5 or 23.6g
    Packing: Carton

    3. Production details

    4. Product qualification
    5. Deliver,shipping and serving
    Delivery period:3~15day
    Customized service:OEM
    After sales service:Operation requirements and PrecautionsLarge Can Electrolytic Capacitors manufacturers