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    The sensitive element of the YZB491 differential pressure transmitter is a kind of integrated all-welded (without sealing ring) differential measuring element. The spaces between the chip and the two convoluted diaphragms are injected with silicone oil. The differential pressure exerts a force on the convoluted diaphragms at the two ends, squeezing the silicone oil in between which then transmits it to the sensitive chip. And the sensitive chip is connected with signal treatment circuit by conductor wire. The piezoresistive effect of semiconductor silicon material is employed by the product to realize the conversion between differential pressure and electric signal. Due to the good linear relationship between the signal outputted by the Wheatstone bridge on the sensitive chip and the differential pressure, the differential pressure can be measured correctly. It is suitable for measuring differential pressures for various air or liquid pipes of different industries, such as oil, chemical and electrical industries, as well as hydrological sector.
    Performance Index
    Range code 0A 02 03 07 08 09 10 12
    Unit kPa MPa
    Measuring range 0~35 0~70 0~100 0~200 0~350 0~700 0~1 0~2
    Positive overpressure allowed 70 150 200 400 700 1400 2.0 4.0
    Negative overpressure allowed 35 70 100 200 350 700 1.0 1.0
    Static pressure ≤20MPa

    Minimum Typical Value Maximum Unit

    Zero temperature error ≤200kPa
    0.75 1.25

    ±%FS, reference 35°C
    0.5 0.75

    Full scale temperature error ≤200kPa
    0.75 1.25
    0.5 0.75

    Long-term stability ≤200kPa 0.5
    ±%FS / year
    >200kPa 0.2
    Static pressure impact 0.05 ±%FS, each 100kPa
    Compensation temperature 0~70
    Working temperature -10~80
    Storage temperature -40~120
    Electrical Performance
    Power supply: 15V~28V DC
    Output signal: 4mA~20mA DC (two-wire system); 0V/1V~5V/10V DC, 0mA~10mA/20mA DC (three-wire system) Electrical connection: connector or cable
    Response time (10%~90%): ≤1ms Insulation resistance: 100MΩ, 50VDC
    Structural material
    Shell: Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti convoluted diaphragm: Stainless steel 316L infused liquid: Silicone oil

    Ambient conditions
    Vibration: the change ≤1% after vibration under 3gRMS, 30Hz~2000Hz Impact: the change ≤1% after impact under 100g, 10ms
    Medium: liquid or gas compatible with the structure material

    Outline Structure
    (Unit: mm)

    Electrical connection

    Connector connection Cable connection

    Selection Guide

    [0~X] Code
    0A kPa 0~35 Positive
    70 Negative
    35 Code
    08 MPa 0~0.35 Positive
    0.7 Negative
    kPa or MPa 02 0~70 150 70 09 0~0.7 1.4 0.7
    03 0~100 200 100 10 0~1.0 2.0 1.0
    Code 0~200
    Output signal 400 200 12 0~2.0 4.0 1.0
    E 4mA~20mA DC
    F 1V~5V DC
    J 0V~5V DC
    Q 0mA~10mA DC
    U 0mA~20mA DC

    Notes for Selection
    1. It is recommended to install three valve groups between the measuring point and the transmitter to ensure that the measured medium is stressed into the positive and negative chambers of the transmitter slowly and evenly, so that the reliable operating of the transmitter can be ensured.
    2. It is recommended to make the pressure interfaces at the two ends horizontal upon installation, so as to minimize the impact of installation on the product.
    3. Upon model selection, please consider that the static pressure at the measuring point shall not be over 20MPa and the overpressure on the positive and negative chambers of the transmitter shall not be over the specified value of the product.
    4. The digital display meter document is included in the document for YZB480 pressure transmitter.
    5. For any special requirement, please feel free to contact us and show it in the purchase order. Transmitter suppliers