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    Specifications of Flat lid printing machine:
    Printing objectPlastic Lid/cover
    Max. printing diameter(mm)φ200φ200φ200
    Max. printing depth(mm)454545
    Qty of color467
    Max. designed speed(pcs/min)150150150
    Max. power of the machine(KW)171818
    Overall dimension: 6400*1000*1550mm
    Main features of Flat lid printing machine:
    Our JYT/G-6 lid printers are designed for fast changeovers, with ease of acces and high product printing stability in mind such that a user friendly machine is created. Our printing equipment is able to print up to 7 colours and using a modular design approach, we are able to deliver our equipment aligned with your wishes.
    Pictures of Flat lid printing machine:
    Printing part:
    Whole machine:

    Printed lid:
    1.How many mold for the lid printer and how to replace them?
    ●There are 7 lid mold for the this printer,2 for corona treatment, 4 for printing, and 1 for holding the lid when printing . These mold are fixed to its base, loose the screw which connect the mold and its base, then change all the mold.
    2.What is the difference between operation of the lid printer and cup printer?
    ●Lid printer adopts low-voltage control system. There will be no touch screen for this printer but buttons. It is easy for the operator to control and adjust the machine.
    3.When did your company start making dry offset printing machine and how many kinds of machine do you manufacture?
    ●Our company has been designing and manufacturing dry offset printing machine since 1980s. We only focused on printing machines and started making 4-color cup printing machine in 1985. Then we designed and rolled out 6-color cup/bowl printer, pail printer, tube printer and lid printer after that.China Lid Offset Printer suppliers