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    Hazardous chemicals logistics information management and tracking solutions based on location tracker device and temp and humidity data logger
    XKtrack monitoring In-transit goods temperature and humidity data, driving speed. Immediate warning once an abnormality occurs. Immediate warning when illegal opening due to XKtrack’s Light sensing. logistics information real-time collection and reporting logistics information management system, closely monitoring the progress of hazardous chemicals transportation every step, security.
    Two challenges facing the transportation of dangerous goods:
    1. In the event of an accident in the transportation of hazardous chemicals, it is easy to cause major losses and harms.
    Due to the active or unstable nature of hazardous chemicals, hazardous chemicals are prone to explosions, burning, poisonous diffusion, corrosion and other accidents. Due to the special nature of hazardous chemicals, and the lack of logistics information management, once an accident occurs in the transportation process, it will not only bring losses to life and property, but also cause harm to the environment.
    2. Dangerous chemicals have strict requirements on the transportation environment such as vehicle driving line, temperature and humidity.
    Abnormal lines, temperature and humidity environment, and vibration amplitude will increase the risk of accidents of hazardous chemicals. Unfavorable road conditions will also increase the severity of road traffic accidents and further expand the consequences of accidents.
    XKtrack tracking solutions锛?/strong>
    1. Real-time temp and humidity data logger monitoring
    XKtrack is bound to each order and shipped with the goods as a location tracker device for continuous, accurate and visual monitoring of the transportation environment. It comes with temp and humidity data logger function, real-time and automatic temperature and humidity data. Upload, the system automatically judges based on big data and rule algorithms. The temperature and humidity data loggers find that the temperature and humidity exceed the threshold, and immediately trigger an early warning to ensure the safety of hazardous chemicals transportation.
    2. Real-time monitoring of driving speed, vibration and impact
    In the hazardous chemicals tracking solution, based on the data prompts whether danger will occur, avoid dangerous actions such as speeding and severe impact, and help enterprises to supervise the whole process of hazardous chemicals transportation and prevent early intervention.
    3. Driving route monitoring
    XKtrack, as a location tracker device, is driven by the transportation route according to the established route and time of the system, away from the noisy, large passenger flow, and unsuitable route of ambient temperature and humidity.China dangerous chemicals transportation