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    Cement Fiberboard Production Line Equipment
    Line produced Cement fiberboard wallboard production line has become an indispensable investment direction for housing decoration, especially in developed countries, which are more fashionable, fireproof, water resistant, energy saving, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the product cost is low, compared with other decorative materials required by the same standard, high quality, long life, and suitable for application in different environments.
    Fiber Cement Tile Production Line
    This Machine is the most advanced asbestos tile making machine in themarket after the long time experience in
    manufacturing and marketing. It can be used to produce asbestos tiles,
    calciumsilicatepanel,Thewholemachinadopts PLC automatic control system and pneumatic theory. It has the highlyautomatic and only needs 7 people per 8h
    Scientific design,elegant shape and convinent maintenance.The machine design isreasonable, advanced technology, is the ideal fiber cement tile production line.
    Our team developed the new solutions for different customers of different requirements.
    Fiber Cement Board Making Machine Parameter
    Equipment parametersDescription
    Capacitymax 2000pieces/shift/8hours
    Automatic Degreesimple/ semi-automatic/ high automatic/ full automatic
    Raw MaterialMgo; Mgcl; perlite; wood chip; etc
    Finished Board Size3-40mm thickness;鈮?600mm length
    Coloras you like
    Finished Board Typecan produce both sanding board and common board
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