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    Product Introduction:
    Lube Oil Purification is mainly used for removing the impurities in different kinds of used oil, such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, motor oil, low viscosity lubricant oiland so on. After filtration, the oil can be reused again without any damage. Moreover, it is usually used as the prefiltration equipment in the hydraulic system to prolong the service life of hydraulic elements.
    Details of Lube Oil Purification:
    Rated flow: as request
    Filtration rating of filter element: 3渭m銆?渭m銆?0渭m銆?0渭m銆?0渭m銆?0渭m or customized
    Voltage: Customized
    Application of Lube Oil Purification:
    Turbine oil
    Hydraulic oil
    Lubricating oil
    Insulating oil
    Transformer oil
    Capacitor oil
    Compressor oil
    Features of Lube Oil Purification:
    Extension of fluid life
    Improved productivity
    Purification of collected oil
    Reduced time for fluid changes
    Less frequent fluid disposal
    Minimized corrosion within fluid systems
    Increased equipment reliability
    Our Service:
    1. We have many experience on OEM work.
    2. We can customize special filter as customer demand.
    3. Technical service for assembling.
    4. Variety types for selection, prompt deliver.
    5. Well-equipped with extensive sales network.
    6. Advanced Production equipment and production technique.
    7. Competitive Price (Factory direct price) with our good service.
    8. Different designs are available according to customer requests.Oil Purifier manufacturers