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    Ton bag feeding station is used for unpacking and unloading work of bulk bags(Ton bags) powder granular materials(ton of bag weight: 0.3-2tons).
    Ton bag feeding station are also known as discharge station for bulk bag ,bag dump station,Bulk Bag Discharger, Ton bag discharge station.
    Working Principle Of Discharge Station For Bulk Bag:
    1锛孊y forklift or electric hoist to enhance the ton bags to the equipment feed port
    2锛孧anually or automatically open the discharging mouth of ton bags
    3锛孫pen the flow valve and supplemented by vibration device to promote powder or granular material(in the ton bags) to reply on gravity fall into the hopper to complete unpacking discharging work.
    Equipment composition of bag dump station:
    The ton bag filling machine is composed of bag clamping device, electric hoist, ton bag hanger, automatic cylinder flapping device or vibration device, vacuum cleaner, equipment bracket, etc. The whole set of structure design is reasonable, easy to operate, unpacking in an enclosed environment, prevent dust from flying, improve the working environment, material completely discharged, low material residual.
    Application Of Bulk Bag Discharger锛?/strong>
    Ton bag discharge station is widely used for powder ton bag packing, particle materials for unpacking and unloading in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, lithium batteries, new materials and other industries.Big Bag Unloading Station factory