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    Aluminum alloy dual head Stethoscope is the basic model of dual head on this stethoscope field. It is also most popular by use at home, hospital or clinic. When it works at home, it can cooperate with sphygmomanometer for body blood pressure. At hospital or clinic more use by nurse for simply detecting. Two different sizes on chest piece, big side for adult use, and small side for child use. Rotational dual-output valve on chest piece can switch between adult and child sides. Lightweight designing make storage easy after each use.
    鈼?Dual Membrane chest piece with Aluminum alloy material.
    鈼?The big membrane side with diameter 47mm, and small side with diameter 30mm
    鈼?Membrane closing ring with two options, aluminum alloy ring or PVC anti-chill ring.
    鈼?Rotational dual-output valve can switch between adult and pediatric sided (Bowels and bells). Interchange on two chest piece with adult and pediatric fitting to meet the requirements of professionals’ diagnostic.
    鈼?”Y” shape soft tube with colorful tube optional.
    鈼?Aluminum alloy binormals with stainless steel spring in the middle position. Adjust angel of binaural adapted to the ear canal of user.
    鈼?Stable performance of sound conductionCustomized Stethoscope