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    Our Company
    Established in 2003, Wenzhou Tylnox Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Yongjia Industrial Park Zhejiang. Over 15 years, TN-NOE innovates with reliable, durable, professional, easy-to-use products. We supply the world鈥檚 leading markets with top-quality, top-safety products and with exceptional service and support for the business.
    Our industries served include Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrolchemical, Biodiesel, Construction and several others. We want to reach the global market we want to create products that will allow us to both go as far as possible and increase our export market shares.
    We work with diligence and enthusiasm in order to strengthen our company, holding dear the expectation and needs of our customers.
    Delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, fuel pumps, automatic tank gauging and exceptional fuel transfer measurement and dispensing solutions for customers.
    Our Product
    Fuel Meters
    Fuel Nozzle
    Fuel Dispensers
    Fuel Transfer Pump
    Tank Truck Parts
    Product Application
    Our Certificate
    Production Market
    Middle East 19%, Africa 18%, Europe 22%, North America 12%, South America 29%Automatic Nozzle Free Sample